A Comprehensive Guide to the Bank of America Performing Arts Center: A Spotlight on American Artistry and Culture


Capturing the essence of American cultural heritage and ensuring an enjoyable experience for all, the Bank of America Performing Arts Center is more than a geographical location. It is an emblem of artistic prowess, cultural vibrancy, and community unity.

An Overview of the Bank of America Performing Arts Center

Situated in the heart of California’s Thousand Oaks, the Bank of America Performing Arts Center stands out as a premier destination for lovers of fine art and cultural performances. It is a hub for global artists and art enthusiasts seeking to experience top-class performances in an atmosphere filled with electric energy, strategic aesthetics, and comforting hospitality.

Unraveling the Architectural Grandeur

The Bank of America Performing Arts Center is a true embodiment of architectural excellence. It encompasses two key components that are widely recognized – the Fred Kavli Theatre and the Janet & Ray Scherr Forum Theatre.

The Fred Kavli Theatre

This majestic theatre with a seating capacity of 1,800, allows visitors to immerse themselves in a breathtaking display of creativity and artistry.

The Janet & Ray Scherr Forum Theatre

On the other side, the Janet & Ray Scherr Forum Theatre, with a seating capacity of 394, creates a more intimate environment for performing arts lovers.

The Scope of Performances

One cannot talk about the Bank of America Performing Arts Center without mentioning the diverse range of performances it hosts. Ranging from well-crafted Broadway musicals to enthralling concerts, from magical ballets to compelling plays, the center’s curtain always rises to an exciting performance.

Theatre and Dance

Acclaimed productions such as "The Prom" and "Mary Poppins" have graced the stages of the Center, delighting audiences with spectacular performances.

Music and Concerts

The Center has been a platform for numerous national and international music artists, allowing audiences to indulge in a variety of musical genres, from rock to classical, from jazz to country, and everything in between.

Comedy Shows

A nurturing ground for humor and satire, the Center promises laughter therapy with renowned stand-up comedians frequently delivering rib-tickling performances.

Community Initiatives

The Bank of America Performing Arts Center is also a pioneer in community engagement initiatives. It plays an instrumental role in fostering understanding and appreciation for the performing arts among young minds through educational outreach programs.

Behind the Scenes: Management and Operations

POLARIS, a renowned international leader in venue management, operates the Bank of America Performing Arts Center. This partnership ensures smooth operations, high-class service, and a relentless commitment to bringing the highest quality entertainment to Thousand Oaks.


Symbolizing the pulse of Thousand Oaks’ cultural life, the Bank of America Performing Arts Center is indeed a dynamic spot that continues to provide exceptional experiences through a blend of rich performances, stunning architecture, and globally influenced artistic presentations. It is the ultimate destination where the soul of the art aligns with the heart of the audience, creating unforgettable moments in the realm of performing arts.

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