Unearthing the Best Pixel Art Software Available for Free in 2021


To thrive in the world of digital art, particularly in the realm of pixel artistry, it is essential to use a tool that does not just meet your basic needs but boosts your creativity. Your choice of pixel art software could revamp your artistic experience and take it to dimensions never experienced before. This article will explore the finest free pixel art applications available for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Unfold Your Artistry with Pixel Art: A Snapshot

Pixel art holds a crucial space in the domain of digital art, stepping up to become a distinguished art form. Loved by game designers, pixel art has become a prominent player in the world of design and creativity, its importance growing continually.

1. Aseprite: The Magic Tool for Pixel Artists

Aseprite stands out unparalleled in the world of free pixel art tools. It kicks off our list, marking a brilliant blend of compatibility, functionality, and accessibility. Best suited to render static images, animate characters, or design tiles, this software provides you an aesthetic and user-friendly interface.

Key Features of Aseprite

Aseprite offers an appealing set of features, making it a top choice among pixel art enthusiasts:

  • Layer and Frame Management: Aseprite has a robust frame and layer management system in place, giving artists the advantage of managing all components in one place.
  • Tile mode and Pixel-Perfect Mode: The software comes with a tile mode, aiding in creating excellent tile patterns. The pixel-perfect mode assures precise pixel setting.

2. Piskel: Your Personal Pixel Art Workshop

Piskel is an efficient, free, and open-source pixel art software suited to both professionals and amateurs. It provides you with a simple yet powerful platform, complemented with a super intuitive interface.

Piskel’s Unparalleled Features

Some unique elements that make Piskel a popular choice include:

  • On-the-Go Access: Piskel provides online access, enabling artists to work on their projects anytime, anywhere.
  • Sprite Sheet Export: Another unique aspect is its sprite sheet export feature, which allows exporting the entire artwork.

3. Pixilart: Unlocking Endless Possibilities

Pixilart is an interactive tool, allowing artists to showcase their talent and creativity. It offers a wide spectrum of features, opening the doors to endless possibilities.

Take a Peek into Pixilart’s Extraordinary Features

  • Interactive Community: Pixilart offers an engaging platform that lets artists connect, collaborate, and share their work.
  • Advanced Drawing Tools: It provides an array of drawing tools suitable for making pixel-perfect images.

4. GIMP: The Free Pixel Art Powerhouse

GIMP comes in as a powerful contender in the list of free pixel art tools. Attributed as an exceedingly customizable and flexible tool, GIMP allows artists to delve into different artistic realms.

Unique Attributes of GIMP

  • Customizable interface: GIMP’s interface can be modified to cater to the artist’s individual needs.
  • Extensive Plugins: With its repository of plugins, GIMP allows artists to leverage a hoard of additional functionalities.

5. Krita: The Unstoppable showstopper

Krita serves as a comprehensive art studio, bit by bit designed to match the requirements of artists. It is simply more than a free pixel art application; it’s a one-stop solution for enhancing design skills.

Krita’s Extravagant Attributes

  • Resource Manager: With Krita’s resource manager, artists can import or share brushes and textures.
  • Support for various platforms: Krita provides an interactive, flexible, and intuitive interface for various platforms, extending its accessibility.


Selecting the perfect pixel art software involves understanding your requirements and matching them with a platform’s functionalities. While some artists need a simple platform to design and animate, others require a feature-packed software suite that offers diverse capabilities. This comprehensive list of free pixel art software suggests that quality tools are available regardless of budget constraints, and that finding the right one can redefine your pixel art experience.

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